What is your opinion about the electronic cigarette’s?

Question by Peskey: What is your opinion about the electronic cigarette’s?
I am a smoker and I’m curious about them but unlike actual cigarette’s I know what I’m getting myself into. I wonder do the electronic cigarette”s release second hand smoke and do they contain the harmful chemicals like in a cigarette. I do know that the electronic cigarette’s have nicotine and have different levels of nicotine…. I however am not saying that an electronic cigarette is by any means safer then cigarette’s. I’m thinking along the lines of the price and the fact that they may not release second hand smoke. Because I am a believer of risk harming yourself and not others.

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Answer by Steve K
There haven’t been many studies in the way of second hand vapor. Since e-cigarettes don’t burn tobacco, there’s no combustion and no smoke. e-Cigarettes work by vaporizing a liquid solution which is inhaled by the user. The liquid contains only propylene glycol, nicotine and food grade flavorings. While there is some debate on nicotine being present in second hand vapor in some amount, it is believed that most of the nicotine is absorbed into the mucus membranes of the vaper.While e-cigarettes aren’t marketed as a healthy alternative, or as a smoking cessation device, they do not contain the 6000+ chemicals present in traditional cigarette smoke. Basically, as far as I’m concerned anything that doesn’t involve drinking bleach is likely safer than smoking.

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  1. You must know electronic cigarettes is also harm to ourself. It is water vapor and nicotine. Nicotine is bad for your heart, it is a poison to your heart, but electronic cigs are better for you than regular smoking and it wont stain your teeth. I have an electronic cigarette that I bought online from Culala.com, I can use it here and there.

  2. Second hand smoke? There is no first hand smoke.

    The e cig doesnt create smoke at all. It heats up liquid to a boil, where you inhale the steam.

    The ingredients in the liquid is typically vegetable glycerin, propelyne glycol, food flavorings and oils. They are all fda approved for use in food, and are in virtually all of our food chain, and used in meds.

    Yes, there is still nicotine, but….. no, no second hand smoke, because there is no first hand smoke.

    You may not be saying ecigs are safer, but I, and MANY other people ARE. The only reason the fda is questioning it, is because it means less tobacco tax, and pharma wants to get in on it by calling it a medicine like nic replacement patches and gum.

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