Betrayed – ROC ROYAL love story (STARRING YOU); Ep2

Shea2Shay© Song in video: _____________________ The next day, Morning. Prod sniffs some cocai*e up his nose. Prod POV: I hear a horn outside. I get up from my seat and open the door. It’s the school bus.. great -__- I turn and look to the side and see Ray and Roc smoking weed. I turn to the other side and see Prince steppin’ on a cigarette. Roc and Ray throw it away and start chewing some gum and so does Prince. I do too and we walk up to the school bus. Everyone looks at us through the school windows. We get on the bus and walk all the way to the back, where no one is and sit down. The bus starts driving. Ray: I swear i’ll kill anyone that pisses me off. *bringing out a pistol from his pants* Prince: put that sh-t away(!) Ray: *kisses his teeth and puts it back* Roc: wtf are you takin’ that, you wna get caught?(!) Me: chill, i brought mine too. *shows and puts it away* Roc: you nigguhs can’t be serious. who tf are you gna kill in school?(!) Ray: shut the f-ck up Roc. ————————— At school: Roc’s POV: When we walk through the doors, everyone looks at us. We go and get our timetables and locker keys. Me and the boys split up, going to our lockers. I open my locker and throw a book in, carelessly. The bell rings and i look at my timetable. I got English. I finally find the room and walk in. there goes these stupid ppl lookin’ at me again. I sit at the back, near some girl. She looks at me, I turn to look at her, she looks away quickly
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  1. Yea Buddy somebody finally got roc name right cuz i saw diz pic of roc nd prod holdin some awards or shitt lyk dat nd roc’s initals are C.A.


  3. yessss

  4. LML moree

  5. lmfao

  6. interesting when he said he never went to school

  7. MORE:::::::::::::::::::::::???????????????

  8. love it!


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