What’s the profit margin for ecig?

Question by : What’s the profit margin for ecig?
Looking to commencing selling some ecig in my tobacco store. I know most populate get their ecig from China. What do you think is a fair margin? 30%?

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Answer by clara
I import them directly from China (from http://www.absolutelyecigs.com/ ). Got the starter kit for $ 29 and selling them for double the price. However it is still cheaper than those selling at 7-11I run a corner store and i just tell some of the guy who i never saw before about the ecig (swell won’t sell it to my regulars cause it is more profitable for them to come buy cigarette quotidian)one good thing about absolutelyecigs is that they offer fixed shipping fee. I order 20 kit at a time and pay very little for shipping

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  1. Depends on where are you getting your supply and where are you selling.

    Buying form a wholesaler in US will be more expensive than import directly from China. Most ecig are made in China anyway and they all have wholesales option on their site. Those manufacture give bulk rate and discount for big order.

    reselling online will earn less than reselling in a B&M store. The competition online is so big now and the price is available to compare for different brand

    if you don’t want to purchase stock you can try one of the affiliate program

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