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Hookah Tobacco

Hookah Tobacco Hookah Tobacco When you sit down with your hookah, whether you’re by yourself or with others, you expect to smoke a flavorful tobacco that will not only be enjoyable to smoke but that will also fill the room with an aroma that can only come from great tobacco. Most hookah smokers are picky [...]

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New from Green Smoke, the electronic hookah. Now there is a totally new and unique way to Green Smoke! Our new, patented e-hookah is the perfect way to share the satisfaction of Green Smoking with others. Use it at parties and social events or just a quiet evening with the one you love. Share the [...]

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Creating An Electric Heating Element For A Hookah?

So if you’ve ever smoked hookah you’ve probably come across the question, “What’s worse, Hookah or Cigarettes?” Well I did a lot of research on this topic and there are scientific studies that have been done showing that hookah produces quite a substantial amount of tar than smoking cigarettes. However this is mostly due to [...]

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Do Cigarette & Hookah Smoke Set Off Smoke Detectors? Particularly General Electric’s Est Smoke Dectector?

I am living in a dorm room and am afraid to set off my smoke detector. I like smoking cigarettes and hookah but it is WAY to cold out where I live to smoke outside (in the negatives everyday). So I’m curious if it will set off my detector, and if so, is there a [...]

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How To Clean Tobacco Taste Out Of A Hookah?

I bought a nice hookah off a buddy for cheap but he only used it for tobacco and I want to use it strictly for bud.Is there any way to get the nasty tobacco taste out?Ive tried soaking all the pieces in hot water.Im planning on buying new hoses but I dont want to waste [...]

29Aug2009 | | 5 comments | Continued
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How Can You Make Your Own Hookah Tobacco?

A friend of mine has a really nice hookah said that he can make his own tobacco for it. Is this true? I have pipe tobacco, but there is no way you can smoke it through a hookah. Can anyone tell me how to make pipe, or any other tobacco work in my hookah? I’d [...]

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