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Some help finding Marlboro e-cigs?

Question by Valerie: Some aid finding Marlboro e-cigs?Father’s Day is coming up, as we all know. My dad is a huge smoker. His brand is Marlboro Ultra-Lights.Sooo I was thinking I could try pushing him in a possibly-more-healthy direction by finding him some electronic cigarettes. (Before I get comments along the lines of, “They haven’t [...]

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The History of Marlboro Cigarettes

The History of Marlboro Cigarettes  The history of Marlboro cigarettes can be traced back to the year 1847 in the country, England. Marlboro cigarettes got its name from a street called Marlborough in London. The brand was owned by a company called Philip Morris which was largely an England based cigarette company. In the year [...]

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Where Can I Find Tobacco In A Bag That Is Comparable To Marlboro 27s?

I just started rolling my own cigarettes and I have always smoked Marlboro 27′s. So if you can help me find some tobacco that is like 27′s I would be grateful. thanks Others are also looking for:what bagged tobacco compares to marlboro light cigarrettetswhat ryo is similar to marlboro 27s

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